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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrity obsessed?

OMG what's the real story with Brangelina and Jen? You know Brad and Jen are going to get back together, but alas, she'll be barren, driving him right back into Angie's arms. How about Linds or Brit Brit? Drug rehab? The nut farm? or, gasp! both?

When did we become so obsessed with celebrity? And, what really is a celebrity? According to Websters it is "the state of being celebrated" or "famous or celebrated". Since when did inappropriate, trashy behavior become something to be celebrated?

I realize that most tabloids are just that and to be taken with a grain of salt. What is most amusing is that some people view this as the truth and spend hours reading and talking about it as if these celebrities are their friends or family. Would you like to have a group of sisters like the Kardashians? And what are they famous for? I think I heard something about a big ass and a sex tape. I have two sisters, and while we would iike to be like the K sisters, we can't agree on who gets to be the pregnant one.

I also find it ridiculous that celebrities are the authority on how to conduct one's life. Where does this knowledge come from? A college education? I know, it's all the alcohol and drug fueled parties that provide those wonderful life experiences that we should hope to emulate. And the fashion. I don't know anyone who dresses like that or would want to. There is such a thing as age apporpriate dressing. If a celebrity is sporting a piece of clothing, a handbag or a pair of shoes, it is automatically all the rage and you must obtain it as quick as possible no matter the cost. You will be a better person for it.

There are many famous people who stay out of the public eye. Acting is their job. It pays better than most, but it is still a job. There are many also who use their celebrity for humanitarian causes, and good for them if they can raise awareness. Audrey Hepburn was a class act, Pamela Anderson is not.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cell phones, friend or foe?

I know we have all overheard a cell phone conversation we did not want to. Or, should I say, half of one. Might as well be both sides. Cell phones have become such a nuisance that they are being banned in all sorts of establishments and with good reason.

I love the grocery store half conversations. Some guy in the tampon aisle while his girlfriend, wife or daughter are on the other end. Okay, I'm in the tampon aisle, which ones again? No, I don't see the super absorbing nightime ones. No I don't see the chartruese box, wait, what color is that? I see something that says pearl. We take pity on this man, help him and give him a high five for even attempting this impossible task. Other poeple use the grocery store to catch up with family and friends via their cell. They are rude, not paying attention and will run the grocery cart up the back of your foot for sure. They are very adept at the don't speak to me I'm on the phone look. Checkers really appreciate this.

Restaurant conversations are incredibly annoying. I don't want to hear you side of the converation about the sex you had last night. I don't want to hear you gripe about you sig other, boss, friend, kids or dog. Neither does the waitstaff. If I am having a meal with someone who must answer their phone, we are done immediately and they pick up the tab. Thankfully, most restaurants have forbidden cell phone usage.

I don't understand the need to be connected 24/7. God forbid anyone make eye contact with you while you are walking on the street or on a bus. Forget your phone one day on purpose and see how much nicer it is to actually have real conversation with someone. You can find out very interesting things by talking to people you don't know. Does this sound scary to you?

Do you ever notice how ridiculous the cell phone lingo and ringtomes are? Wasssup, sheeet bro, you fly girl.....Give me a break. Speaking like a somewhat intelligent person is much more appealing. Songs for ringtones say it all. I heard one the other day that was the theme from Rawhide. I laughed outloud. Herd them doggies. The individuality of ringtones is long gone. A phone that rings like a phone, now there's a concept. I also find the bluetooth ear device weird. How many time have you thought someone was talking to you because you saw no actual phone? I often will join in the conversation. This tends to piss people off, but hey, you are having a public conversation are you not?

I think cell phones are a great invention. If you are out late at night, on a trip or have small children, they can be a lifesaver. Yapping on them about NOTHING all the time is nuts. Remember when doctors had these newfangled things called beepers and you better only beep them if it's an emergency?

So I ask you...Cell phones, friend or foe?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why is sexual preference such a big deal?

Watching the news ths morning, or shall I say, the daily dose of FEAR, when yet another report about gays/lesbians having rights. Since when does your sexual preference have anything to do with your job performance, your parenting skills, or your ability to serve our country?

Job performance - I've worked at enough places to know that most employees do a shitty job, it's a paycheck. There are a select FEW who do care, but not because they are heterosexual. Heterosexual men are deathly afraid of gay men. It's amusing to say the least. Like they are going to find YOU attractive. No one else in the office does. If you are a heterosexual, then all your sexual activities are "normal" right? Right.... and you know who you are. Does it affect your job performance, or lack thereof?

Parenting - We all know those white trashy women who have several kids they don't give a shit about. I heard one the other day in the supermarket calling her kids little bastards and, while that may technically be right, they are not to blame. Some women have the impression that a baby is going to keep a man around. Nothing will make him run faster. Children need a loving, nuturing, stable home in order to flourish. Who cares if it's two Mommies or two Daddies? Love is love, get over it. Shout out to all you GREAT single parents too.

Serving our Country - All I can say here is you need to read Randy Shilt's book, Conduct Unbecoming, Gay and Lesbians in the Military. Do you honestly believe that sexual preference affects ones ability to be patriotic and defend their country?

This also brings to mind the well know preacher Ted Haggard. I wonder what he was thinking when he was snorting meth and screwing his boyfriend, "I hope my flock of willing sheeple don't find out about this"? Ted, it's okay if you prefer men, the meth, not so much.

Is it too much to stay out of people's bedrooms? It's none of our business.