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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why is sexual preference such a big deal?

Watching the news ths morning, or shall I say, the daily dose of FEAR, when yet another report about gays/lesbians having rights. Since when does your sexual preference have anything to do with your job performance, your parenting skills, or your ability to serve our country?

Job performance - I've worked at enough places to know that most employees do a shitty job, it's a paycheck. There are a select FEW who do care, but not because they are heterosexual. Heterosexual men are deathly afraid of gay men. It's amusing to say the least. Like they are going to find YOU attractive. No one else in the office does. If you are a heterosexual, then all your sexual activities are "normal" right? Right.... and you know who you are. Does it affect your job performance, or lack thereof?

Parenting - We all know those white trashy women who have several kids they don't give a shit about. I heard one the other day in the supermarket calling her kids little bastards and, while that may technically be right, they are not to blame. Some women have the impression that a baby is going to keep a man around. Nothing will make him run faster. Children need a loving, nuturing, stable home in order to flourish. Who cares if it's two Mommies or two Daddies? Love is love, get over it. Shout out to all you GREAT single parents too.

Serving our Country - All I can say here is you need to read Randy Shilt's book, Conduct Unbecoming, Gay and Lesbians in the Military. Do you honestly believe that sexual preference affects ones ability to be patriotic and defend their country?

This also brings to mind the well know preacher Ted Haggard. I wonder what he was thinking when he was snorting meth and screwing his boyfriend, "I hope my flock of willing sheeple don't find out about this"? Ted, it's okay if you prefer men, the meth, not so much.

Is it too much to stay out of people's bedrooms? It's none of our business.

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