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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cell phones, friend or foe?

I know we have all overheard a cell phone conversation we did not want to. Or, should I say, half of one. Might as well be both sides. Cell phones have become such a nuisance that they are being banned in all sorts of establishments and with good reason.

I love the grocery store half conversations. Some guy in the tampon aisle while his girlfriend, wife or daughter are on the other end. Okay, I'm in the tampon aisle, which ones again? No, I don't see the super absorbing nightime ones. No I don't see the chartruese box, wait, what color is that? I see something that says pearl. We take pity on this man, help him and give him a high five for even attempting this impossible task. Other poeple use the grocery store to catch up with family and friends via their cell. They are rude, not paying attention and will run the grocery cart up the back of your foot for sure. They are very adept at the don't speak to me I'm on the phone look. Checkers really appreciate this.

Restaurant conversations are incredibly annoying. I don't want to hear you side of the converation about the sex you had last night. I don't want to hear you gripe about you sig other, boss, friend, kids or dog. Neither does the waitstaff. If I am having a meal with someone who must answer their phone, we are done immediately and they pick up the tab. Thankfully, most restaurants have forbidden cell phone usage.

I don't understand the need to be connected 24/7. God forbid anyone make eye contact with you while you are walking on the street or on a bus. Forget your phone one day on purpose and see how much nicer it is to actually have real conversation with someone. You can find out very interesting things by talking to people you don't know. Does this sound scary to you?

Do you ever notice how ridiculous the cell phone lingo and ringtomes are? Wasssup, sheeet bro, you fly girl.....Give me a break. Speaking like a somewhat intelligent person is much more appealing. Songs for ringtones say it all. I heard one the other day that was the theme from Rawhide. I laughed outloud. Herd them doggies. The individuality of ringtones is long gone. A phone that rings like a phone, now there's a concept. I also find the bluetooth ear device weird. How many time have you thought someone was talking to you because you saw no actual phone? I often will join in the conversation. This tends to piss people off, but hey, you are having a public conversation are you not?

I think cell phones are a great invention. If you are out late at night, on a trip or have small children, they can be a lifesaver. Yapping on them about NOTHING all the time is nuts. Remember when doctors had these newfangled things called beepers and you better only beep them if it's an emergency?

So I ask you...Cell phones, friend or foe?

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  1. Ok so I admit, I have a blue tooth and have found it to be a life saver. I am on the phone all the time. My sig other lives in another state, we spend most of the day on the phone to JUST be somewhat near each other. How different it would be if she lived here, but she doesn't. Should I be publicly shunned for the fact that I AM one of those people walking down the street having a conversation with an invisible phone? I don't think so. I think that some people use the phone as much as they do because in some cases, YES, it is a lifeline.

    I think cell phones are a great invention too, but not only for those of us who have SMALL CHILDREN or are reckless party people out late at night. I think the adage of the Goose and the Gander need be mentioned, Mother Goose. Just because I prefer to sit at home in the evening and have no children doesn't mean I shouldn't get the right to own a cell phone. And while I have it, I am going to damn well use my unlimited minutes!

    As far as people in grocery stores and restaurants.. well.. I am guilty of both those things. However, I tend to pay attention to where I am going, and sit in an uninhabited corner of the restaurant,and know how to control my tone of voice, and how loud it is. I can't say the same for all people. I DO know, however, that being aware of your surroundings and the people in them makes everyone happy.