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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ten super hot tricks.........really?

"Ten super hot sex tricks your man wants but won't ask for", screams from the cover of COSMO or any number of women's magazines. How about "One hundred ways to keep him interested FOREVER"? Perhaps "Sexy dressing for any body type". Really? Who has time for this?

Most women are working forty plus hours a week, commuting, taking care of children and running a household. Super hot sex tricks or sleep? What do you think? And maybe you don't want to keep him interested. Notice that you never see anything that says "How to get rid of that prick in ten easy steps". According to these magazines, we need to hang onto our man at ANY cost.

Do you dress "sexy" no matter what your body type? Inappropriate dressing is just that. Just because you can get it on does not mean you should or that it looks good. Do you own a full length mirror? Most of us are lucky to find something clean, hemmed and with all the buttons. Do you slip into a slinky nightie or boxers and a t-shirt? Let me guess.

We subject ourselves to BOTOX, implants, liposuction and all kids of other ridiculous crap for the perception of youth. I'm going to take out s second mortgage on my house because I NEED bigger boobs. If you ask any man if he would subject his dick to plastic surgery, the answer is a resounding NO FUCKING WAY! Your natural wrinkles, worry and smile lines are a testament to a life well lived. Embrace it.

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