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Monday, December 20, 2010


I got together with my girlfriends yesterday for a litte holiday lunch and a gab fest. I met these women about twenty years ago at a former workplace. Our initial party outside of work was to meet our friends new boyfriend. It was a pretty good sized party with lots of drinking and dancing. It was such fun that we decided to do it at least once a month. The initial group eventually got whittled down to seven.

The sacred seven. It was only us girls and we could talk about anything. No judgement passing either. You could think what you wanted, but you better not say it. We ended up kicking one of the group out for this very thing. She tried to get back in, but once you violate the trust, you are out. Another girl moved to a different state and another just faded out. We are now four.

We have all been there for each other through marriages, divorces, deaths, kids and families. We can tell each other things we would never tell anyone else knowing it will go no further. Any problems, the girls will listen and offer advice, hugs, kisses and love. A shot or two of vodka also helps.

One of the girls has a daughter who is often included in our get togethers. She listens carefully to our conversations and hopefully she is picking up some good advice. Either that, or she thinks we are nuts. I imagine she will become part of the regular group. My daughter also joins us on occasion and it is always enjoyable to have her there. They often find out things about their Mom's they didn't know, and they must also adhere to the rules.

As I get older, I realize that the friendhips with our girlfriends are very powerful. They are unlike any other relationship as they are chosen and we work hard at maintaining them. We take trips together, go to drag bingo, celebrate birthdays, holidays and any other excuse to get together. We can't all always make it, but we are all there in spirit. We already have some things planned for the new year and I look forward to all of them.

Kitty, Tina and Cheryl, I love you girls more than you'll ever know and I am honored that you are my girlfriends.

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  1. thanks Bunny. We do have a lot of fun and we really do love each other. Can't wait for the February get together at my house. Cheryl