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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Government at Work

The media is reporting that the USDA will now be required to put nutrition information on meat. Is it news to anyone that meat has high fat and cholesterol content? Our government wants to help all of us hapless Americans fight obesity. We are so lucky they are looking our for us!

This is such bullshit. If the government wanted to help Americans fight obesity, they would shut down the food, and I use that term loosely, manufacturers that are poisoning us with their products. How many of us know, really know, what the ingredients/additives are in this so called food?

Here are a few of my favorites.
Citric acids for a sour taste. Why? If it's supposed to be sour then it should be naturally.
Phosphates, to help food flow easily. Flow from where? To where? It seems that if food doesn't flow through your body naturally, then it probably doesn't belong there. We all have enough digestive issues.
Oxystearin prevents excessive frothing. Does this mean if you get bit by a rabid animal after consuming a product with this additive, you won't foam at the mouth?
Guar Gum adds bulk and I don't mean in a fiber way.
Glazing agents/waxes give a polished appearance. But what is it doing for the inside of our bodies? Polish is for brass, silver and shoes, not our intestines.
Glycerol is a solvent. Solvents are used in auto shops, metal fabrication and refining. They have no place in our food.
High fructose corn syrup. It is the worst and it is in everything. Why does all of our food need to have a sweetener?

These additives, and many more are being produced in a laboratory. They are by no means a natural occuring substance anywhere on the planet. Food additives are used to make our food taste good and to get us addicted to the fat and sugar content. It is no different than alcohol or tobacco.

Portion size also plays a big role in this. Why does everything need to be supersized? Who came up with that term? A McDonalds executive named David Wallerstein. There's a big surprise. Even though McDonalds phased out supersize in 2004, they did not reduce the portion size that went along with. Nor did the other big chains. Imagine the riot at McDonalds if they served you a smaller burger.

I realize that the food manufacturers and big pharma are one in the same. We will feed you shitty food and then give you a pill to feel better. It's all about the bottom line and I don't mean ours. There are some good books out there on this subject, Fast Food Nation and Fatland are a couple of good ones.

Anytime our government says they are doing something for the good of the American people, it is immediately suspect.

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