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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Totally Random

Haven't blogged for awhile, been busy with life and, well, life....Got a reminder to do so, so here goes. No rhyme or reason to this one, just as the title says, totally random.

Relationships are hard for sure. Husband, kids, parents, siblings, you get the drift. Just got back from a family visit with all the aforementioned except the husband. He chose to go fishing. Good choice! It's hard to see the parents aging, one more so than the other. It turns the other one into a hoverer (is that a word?) and a worrier. I wonder if that will be me someday. Maybe that's what I'm worried about. Do you ever wonder it you and your siblings grew up in the same household?

I've been reading a great blog lately called Channeling Erik. It's made me think a bit more about what we are doing here and why. I've always been interested in the spiritual and I believe we have all been around before. Have you ever met someone and it hits you instantly that you know this person? Is life really about the progression of our souls? Lot's of questions in my head lately. I have some reading to do.

For the past three months, my friends and I have been going to drag bingo, The Sisters of Pepetual Indulgence, all drag queens, put on a monthly bingo game for charity. It is a gas! The bingo hall is packed and some cute young man gets chosen to be the dauber boy. A dollar gets you a chance to put a dauber mark on his naked chest. A few months ago, it was a young man I know. For all of us 40-50ish gals, this is a highlight. The Sisters do a tremendous amount for the community food bank, children, seniors and schools. I am going again next Saturday night. Can't wait.

I love to shop at thrift stores. Finding a cashmere sweater for three bucks is such a thrill. Paying a hundred dollars or more is not. I used to do it out of neccesity, now I do it for the treasure hunt. It also allows me to have a raincoat in every color. At five bucks a pop, why not? And, if you only wear something once, no big deal. Kids clothes are a good bargain too. My son is at an age where jeans are all ripped in the knees, but t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets are plentiful. I draw the line at underwear.

I am dying to buy a Le Cruset large covered skillet. I have a couple of the covered dutch ovens and I LOVE them and use them all the time. I've been waffling back and forth for several months. Sur La Table always has a great display with the newest colors when you walk in the door. Turquoise, Aubergine, Apple Green, etc. I look at cookwear as a tool and good tools give good results. I guess if I don't spend money on clothes, I can justify spending a hundred bucks or so on a piece of cookwear. Stay tuned.

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