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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The death penalty or lack thereof

We all know the state of California is in financial dire straits, so imagine my surprise when I read that we just spent $900,000, that's not a typo, on a new death chamber at San Quentin state prison. The reasoning is that it's outdated. What does that mean? Is it like when your couch has finally had it and you need a new one? Since we don't really execute anyone in this state, how could it be outdated or worn out? An hour, tops, of use in the last decade does not constitue a $900,000 makeover.

I realize that we should not take sentencing someone to death lightly. There are many cases where a prisoner has been exonerated due to DNA evidence, and rightly so. But in the cases where someone has been proven guilty beyond a doubt and a confession, why wait? Oh yeah, automatic appeal. Not when our public schools, seniors programs and other needed social programs are underfunded should that be happening. Here are a few ideas I have.

First of all, let pick an execution team. This team should be comprised of prisoners who are serving a life sentence. They have to apply for the position, and agree to kill the convicted murderer in the same fashion that they killed. No putting anyone to sleep. There are plenty of sadistic prisoners who would love this job. And, no waiting around. It must happen within the week. And a death chamber? An outbuilding on the prison grounds will do just fine.

Another good idea is child molester island. Once a pedophile, always a pedophile. There are plenty of islands out in the ocean far away from anywhere for these people to go. Once every six months, there is a supply drop from an airpane and good luck. If you survive, great, if you don't, tough shit. We can send the murderers there too. Death penalty or child molester island, their choice. One way or another, they are never coming back to this society.

Hopefully not many of us have had to deal with the murder of a family member, much less a child. I would be out for blood to be sure. I don't want to hear a sob story about your fucked up childhood. I know some people who have lived some horrific shit and are not criminals. If we actually imposed the death penalty, it might actually be a deterent. Maybe we should bring back public hangings on Sunday after church. It was a family event, picnic included.

So again, I ask, why the update? Like it's going to get used. The company that make the lethal injection drug will no longer sell it to the United States because they don't want it used for exectutions. I have a solution, Clorox and a syringe. Yes, it may be painful, but so what. The person they were strangling or stabbing to death was feeling pain too. I bet Mark Klaas would agree with me.

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