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Monday, February 21, 2011

People Watching at the Fair

Yesterday, I took Ethan and one of his buddies to the Citrus Fair. The Citrus Fair began in 1892 and still remains the earliest held fair in California.

It's a small town affair to be sure and is very well attended. It rains almost every year during the fair. One year they moved it to May for the weather and people had a fit. So, they moved it back to February. All is calm and right with the world.

While the kids are riding the rides and playing games, I indulge in one of my favorite fair pastimes. People watching. It was a grand event this year as it always is. I often wonder if most people have a mirror and, if they ever bother to look into it. What do they see?

One of my favorites is the guy who is stuck in the eighties and still can't give up the hammer pants. Along with this look is the required mullet and belly shirt. Trifecta!

Nothing says I got it goin' on like this look. Even though he's married and has several kids, the 80's were good and he's not ready to give it up. A little secret about hammer pants is the elastic waist. Alot of beer drinkin' since 1985 and they still fit. You can still purchase these at a flea market in your area. The ONLY thing that could make this look better, is if it's topped off by a "Members Only" jacket.

Another good look is the bleached blonde and bad highlights. This over processing is murder on your hair, and yet, women still insist on doing it. The older you get, the blonder you become. And, the colors are weird, the styles weirder. What seemed like a good idea in the beauty parlor is not in the light of day. Aging gracefully is just that. Trying to look thirty or younger when you are fifty plus, looks desperate. This goes for the clothing too, but that's another post altogether.

Are you Team Edward or Team who's the other one? I have never seen or read any of the Twighlight series. The obsession with it borders on ridiculous. I did read where one women's marriage broke up because she spent all her time online reading all the new posts and sepculations about the characters. I did however see many Twighlight and Team whoever shirts at the fair. Sadly, most were being worn by middle aged women. I believe in alot of crazy crap, but vampires?

There are also fanny packs, in assorted colors and sizes, way too tight clothing, high heels and a slew of other bad looks. It's like the fair is a fashion show and maybe it is for some people. Others are dressed in what I would call comfy for the fair wear. Jeans, sweatshirts and tennis shoes. Regardless, everyone is having a good time and supporting our local fair. Can't wait for the Sonoma Couty fair in July. Hot weather brings out it's own special fashion looks, and I don't mean that in a positive way.

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